Curtain Repair

Avoid Buying New with a Curtain Repair


When you absolutely love a set of curtains that you have in your home, you don’t want to part with them. This is when it’s better to schedule a curtain repair as opposed to getting rid of them. At Cortinas Extravaganza, we offer professional repairs to take care of rips and other damage.


Different types of upholstery become damaged in different ways. We can perform a curtain repair so that they look as good as new. We can fix valances, curtains, and other types of drapery, giving you a refreshed look within your home.


You will quickly find that we offer competitive pricing for upholstery repairs. This can ensure you get your favorite curtains repaired instead of having to buy new ones. You get to maintain the same aesthetic within your home while saving money. We’ll show you how to get your curtains repaired when you call to talk to us.

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